Adhesive patch with easy-off function for interior and exterior use



  • Easy to work with: joints that are difficult to access can be stuck reliably
  • Easy to apply: film is removed after the adhesive plaster has been aligned correctly
  • Individual use: the slits in the release film can be adapted to suit the construction situation
  • Sticks reliably - even if moisture is present: water-resistant SOLID adhesive
  • Subsequent work can be carried out more flexibly: 6 months of outdoor exposure
  • Construction in adherence with standards: for airtight bonding in accordance with DIN 4108-7, SIA 180 and RE 2020

Areas of application

For adhesion and sealing at locations with limited space that are difficult to access.
TESCON SANAPATCH is first positioned and aligned correctly. Only then is the protruding easy-off release film removed. This allows for easy, quick and clean adhesion.

For example, for use

  • in the joint area between the base purlin and the ring beam under the rafters when carrying out roof refurbishment from the outside
  • pipes that are very close to adjacent building components
  • close to birdsmouth joints etc.

Installation instructions

General conditions

The bonds should not be subjected to tensile strain.
Press firmly to secure the adhesive tapes in place. Ensure that there is sufficient resistance pressure.
Windproof, airtight or rainproof seals can only be achieved on vapour-checking membranes, roof lining membranes or façade membranes that have been laid without folds or creases.
Ventilate continuously and systematically to prevent build-up of excessive humidity; use a dryer if necessary.


Clean subsurfaces before sticking. Adhesion to frozen surfaces is not possible. There must be no water-repellent substances (e.g. grease or silicone) on materials to be bonded. Subsurfaces must be sufficiently dry and stable.

Permanent adhesion is achieved on all pro clima interior and exterior membranes, other vapour-check and airtight membranes (e.g. those made of PE, PA, PP and aluminium) as well as other roof and breather (WRB) membranes (e.g. those made of PP and PET). Bonding and joints are possible on planed and painted wood, hard plastics and metal (e.g. pipes, windows etc.), hard wood-based panels (chipboard, OSB, plywood, MDF and wood-fibre underlay panels). Pre-treatment with TESCON PRIMER is required in the case of adhesion to wood-fibre underlay panels and smooth mineral subsurfaces. Concrete or plaster subsurfaces must not be sandy or crumbling.

The best results in terms of structural stability are achieved on high-quality subsurfaces. It is your responsibility to check the suitability of the subsurface; adhesion tests are recommended in certain cases. Pre-treatment with TESCON PRIMER is recommended in the case of subsurfaces with insufficient stability.