Double-sided nail seal­ing tape



  • Very good seal­ing ac­tion – li­quid butyl ad­hes­ives pen­et­rate deep in­to the lin­ing struc­ture
  • Wa­ter res­ist­ant
  • Suit­able for tem­por­ary roof cov­er­ings as spe­cified in the ZVDH product data sheet
  • Ex­tra-strong thanks to a re­in­for­cing lay­er
  • Con­tains no bitu­men


Nail seal­ing tape un­der counter bat­tens for sloped roof struc­tures.
In ac­cord­ance with the Cent­ral As­so­ci­ation of the Ger­man Roof­ing Trade (ZVDH), the use of nail seal­ing tapes in com­bin­a­tion with “un­der­lays/sark­ing mem­branes with seam and per­for­a­tion pro­tec­tion” (SOLI­TEX con­nect vari­ants) is a re­quired ad­di­tion­al meas­ure in the case of “more de­mand­ing re­quire­ments” (e.g. if the roof pitch is less than the stand­ard roof pitch).
If re­quired, TESCON NAI­DECK also serves as a suit­able ad­di­tion­al meas­ure to cre­ate a tem­por­ary cov­er­ing.

Material Butyl rubber
Release film siliconized paper
Attribute Value Norm
Colour black
Thickness 1.0 mm
Exposure time 6 months, installed under the counter battens
Application temperature 5 °C to +35 °C ; 41 °F to 95 °F
Temperature resistance permanent -40 °C to 80 °C ; -40 °F to 176 °F
Storage cool and dry

Be­fore stick­ing, sub­sur­faces should be brushed off, wiped clean with a cloth or cleaned us­ing com­pressed air.
Bond­ing to frozen sur­faces is not pos­sible. There must be no wa­ter-re­pel­lent sub­stances (e.g. grease or sil­ic­one) on ma­ter­i­als to be bon­ded. Sub­sur­faces must be suf­fi­ciently dry and have suf­fi­cient load-bear­ing ca­pa­city.

Last­ing nail-tight­ness is achieved on all pro clima ex­ter­i­or mem­branes and oth­er un­der­lay/sark­ing and wall lin­ing mem­branes (e.g. those made of PP and PET) as well as MDF board and soft­wood fibre sub-roof pan­els.

The best res­ults in terms of struc­tur­al sta­bil­ity are achieved on high-qual­ity sub­sur­faces.
It is your re­spons­ib­il­ity to check the suit­ab­il­ity of the sub­sur­face; ad­he­sion tests are re­com­men­ded in cer­tain cases.

Install TESCON NAIDECK with no interruptions between the counter battens and the roof lining membrane. This ensures that perforations that may arise when the roof battens are being fastened will also be sealed.
Adhesion can be carried out to the counter batten or to the subsurface that is to be sealed. Press firmly to secure the tape in place.
Waterproof seals can only be achieved on membranes that have been installed with no folds or creases.
Daytime and nighttime temperatures must be >5 °C / >41 °F when working with this product.