Solvent-free primer, no dry­ing re­quired



  • No dry­ing re­quired - ad­hes­ive can be ap­plied straight to the damp primer on ab­sorb­ent sub­strates
  • Deep pen­et­ra­tion of the primer, ex­cel­lent harden­ing
  • Ap­plic­a­tion even on damp sub­strate
  • Can also be used in the event of frost
  • Can be used with any pro clima ad­hes­ive tape
  • Solvent free


Wash primer for wood, wood-fibre boards, ma­sonry, roofs, walls and ground slabs for sub­sequent ad­he­sion with pro clima ad­hes­ive tapes such as TESCON VANA, TESCON PRO­FECT and the EX­TOSEAL range.

Con­sump­tion fig­ures
De­liv­ery form Con­tent Ad­hes­ive tape width Cov­er­age
Tin 0.75 l 60 mm ~ 60 m; 65 yd
75 mm ~ 45 m; 49 yd
150 mm ~ 22 m; 24 yd
Tin 2.5 l 60 mm ~ 185 m; 200 yd
75 mm ~ 150 m; 164 yd
150 mm ~ 75 m; 82 yd
Dis­penser bottle 1 l 60 mm ~ 75 m; 82 yd
75 mm ~ 60 m; 65 yd
150 mm ~ 30 m; 33 yd

The quant­ity used may vary de­pend­ing on the sub­strate and ap­plic­a­tion meth­od.

Material acrylic copolymer, solvent-free
Attribute Value Norm
Colour white
Application temperature -10 °C to 45 °C ; 14 °F to 113 °F
Temperature resistance permanent -40 °C to 90 °C ; -40 °F to 194 °F
Storage protect from frost, cool and dry

Be­fore primer is ap­plied, sub­sur­faces should be brushed off, wiped clean with a cloth or cleaned us­ing com­pressed air.
Frozen and soaked sub­sur­faces are not suit­able for the ap­plic­a­tion of primer. There must be no wa­ter-re­pel­lent sub­stances (e.g. grease or sil­ic­one) on the sub­sur­face.

All min­er­al sur­faces (e.g. plaster or con­crete) and (used) tim­ber sub­sur­faces can be pre­treated. It is also pos­sible to strengthen por­ous ma­ter­i­als such as wood fibre un­der­lay pan­els.

Per­meable ab­sorb­ent sub­sur­faces (e.g. wood fibre un­der­lay pan­els) may be slightly moist. In this case, the ad­hes­ive tape to be used can be stuck dir­ectly onto primer that is still wet. The product achieves its fi­nal level of strength only when it has dried. It may be ad­vis­able to use cov­ers to pro­tect the area that has been treated. Primer that has not yet fully dried must be pro­tec­ted against the ef­fects of the weath­er.

If butyl rub­ber tapes (e.g. EXOSEAL range) that hinder dif­fu­sion are stuck onto re­l­at­ively well-sealed, non-ab­sorb­ent sub­sur­faces (e.g. con­crete), the primer must first be al­lowed to fully dry be­fore the ad­hes­ive tape is put in place.

Only OR­CON CLAS­SIC or OR­CON MULTIBOND can be used when ap­ply­ing primer for joint ad­hes­ives. The primer and OR­CON CLAS­SIC must be fully dried (1-2 days) be­fore the mem­brane ma­ter­i­al is stuck in place (dry pro­cess).

Shake or stir the can well before use. One litre of primer can be used to treat an area of about 4.5 m² (48 ft²).

For particularly quick and easy application insert the 1-litre dispenser bottle in to the TENAPP application tool.
Advantages: Application and distribution in just one step, using just one hand and no contamination of the primer in the container.