Spray­able air­tight­ness seal­ant with a hu­mid­ity-vari­able sd value



  • Time-sav­ing: ready-to-use dis­per­sion
  • Re­li­able struc­tures thanks to ex­cel­lent ad­hes­ive prop­er­ties on all stand­ard con­struc­tion sur­faces
  • For ro­bust build­ing com­pon­ents: per­man­ent elasti­city and high dur­ab­il­ity once it has dried
  • Im­proves sur­faces: forms a bond­ing course between sub­sur­faces and sub­sequent coat­ings
  • Can be plastered/painted over, pro clima ad­hes­ive tapes can be stuck onto it
  • Flex­ible use in in­door and pro­tec­ted out­door areas thanks to its hu­mid­ity-vari­able sd value
  • Ex­cel­lent val­ues in the haz­ard­ous sub­stance test, has been tested ac­cord­ing to the AgBB eval­u­ation scheme / ISO 16000


For use as a hu­mid­ity-vari­able va­pour re­tarder and air­tight lay­er that can be ap­plied as a spray or us­ing a brush on wall, ceil­ing and floor sur­faces, such as non-plastered ma­sonry or por­ous pan­el-form ma­ter­i­als.

  • Also for the cre­ation of joints to com­pon­ents such as win­dows, roofs, walls, ceil­ings and floors.
  • Can also be used for strength­en­ing sub­sur­faces in the case of renov­a­tion.
  • The hu­mid­ity-vari­able dif­fu­sion res­ist­ance of this product means that it can be used on the in­teri­or and ex­ter­i­or of build­ing com­pon­ents.

AEROSANA VIS­CON is a high-qual­ity, wa­ter-based ac­ryl­ic dis­per­sion paste that can be ap­plied as a spray or us­ing a brush. The sprayed-on li­quid film forms a seam­less, elast­ic air-re­tard­ing and va­pour-re­tard­ing pro­tect­ive lay­er once it has dried.

Sticks to all stand­ard con­struc­tion ma­ter­i­als, all pro clima mem­branes, and mem­branes made of alu­mini­um and pa­per.

Material Aqueous acrylic dispersion
Attribute Value Norm
Colour Dark blue, when fully dry dark blue/black
Surface weight approx. 200 g/m² ; 0.66 oz/ft² (dried) EN 1849-2
Coating application 0.2 - 1.0 mm ; 8 - 39 mils - wet film
sd-value ±0.6 m (at 0.3 mm thickness) EN 1931
sd-value humidity variable 0.13 - 10.00 m EN ISO 12572
g-value 30.55 MN·s/g (at 0.3 mm thickness)
g-value humidity variable 0.65 - 50 MN·s/g
Vapor permeance 0.54 US perms (at 0.3 mm ; 12 mils thickness) ASTM E96-A
Vapor permeance humidity variable 25.2 - 0.33 US perms ASTM E96-A
Water column 2 000 mm ; 6' 7" EN 20811
Can be plastered/painted over yes, pro clima adhesive tapes can be stuck onto it
Application temperature 5 °C to +35 °C ; 41 °F to 95 °F
Temperature resistance permanent -25 °C to 90 °C ; -13 °F to 194 °F (dried)
Coverage approx. 750 g/m² ; 2.46 oz/ft², depending on applied thickness
Drying approx. 12 - 48 hours (at 20 °C, 65% rel. humidity) depending on subsurface/applied thickness
Storage 5 °C - 25 °C ; 41 °F - 77 °F, dry

Check wheth­er the sub­sur­face is suit­able for a spray­able film be­fore ap­ply­ing it. It may be ne­ces­sary to ap­ply a num­ber of coats in the case of un­even or shaped sub­sur­faces. Gaps (pieces broken out of the sub­sur­face) or sig­ni­fic­ant un­even­ness may need to be stuck over be­fore ap­plic­a­tion (e.g. with one of the CON­TEGA SOLIDO ad­hes­ive tapes, de­pend­ing on re­quire­ments) or lev­elled off with filler.

Sub­sur­faces should be brushed off, wiped clean with a cloth or cleaned us­ing com­pressed air. Ap­plic­a­tion to frozen sur­faces is not pos­sible. There must be no wa­ter-re­pel­lent sub­stances (e.g. grease or sil­ic­one) on ma­ter­i­als to be sprayed. Sub­sur­faces must be suf­fi­ciently dry and have suf­fi­cient load-bear­ing ca­pa­city.

AEROSANA VISCON can be easily applied with an airless sprayer (nozzles: 3/17, 3/19, 3/25) or a brush (> 50 mm width).
Cracks that are wider than 5 mm must be stuck over, covered with fleece or filled. The best coverage is achieved when a layer is first sprayed on horizontally and then sprayed over vertically in a cross pattern. Perfect airtightness can only be achieved with a sealed AEROSANA VISCON film. The film is to be protected against moisture (e.g. rain) during drying.