Black is the
new green!

Plastics are too valuable to use them just once

You can’t tell by looking at our new adhesive tubes, but it is possible that you might have previously eaten your yoghurt or drunk a soft drink from parts of these tubes! After all, our new black tubes are made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials. To be more specific, used plastics that were recycled as packaging waste or through the deposit system for single-use bottles now serve as the raw material for high-quality plastic. And this plastic is used to produce the new tubes for our ORCON F, ORCON CLASSIC and ECO COLL adhesives. As well as choosing a quality adhesive, you are actively supporting recycling every time you purchase one of these products.

The packaging is green. The colour is black.

From now on, you will only find these three popular adhesives from pro clima – ORCON F, ORCON CLASSIC and ECO COLL – in black tubes made of 100% recycled plastic. This makes no difference to you, but a big difference to the environment!


14 tonnes less newly produced plastic – every year

The bottom line is that this changeover will save 14 tonnes of newly produced plastic for our environment every year. In concrete terms, this means:

• Lower energy consumption for production • Significantly reduced use of fossil raw materials • Shorter transport distances (as the recycled raw material can be sourced close to the production location) • Support for the so-called circular economy

This is just one of many measures to save energy and conserve resources

Anybody who is familiar with pro clima knows that we strive continuously to improve our products – also with regard to their ecological footprint. We have already stopped using plastic wrapping and including installation instructions with our products in most cases. In addition, pro clima bonding products are packaged almost exclusively in neutral brown cardboard boxes. We will keep trying to improve in this regard!

After all, we take our responsibilities very seriously.

At least 100 years of adhesive performance with pro clima ORCON F

Studies confirm the long service life of this joint adhesive

Low resource consumption, but great performance in service: pro clima ORCON F is a strong joint adhesive that has now been shown to have a durability of at least 100 years: this has been verified by independent testing by the University of Kassel. This joint adhesive is ideal for sticking vapour retarders, underlay membranes and wall-lining membranes to create airtight and/or windtight bonds.

As part of the “Quality assurance of bond based connection technologies for airtightness layers” project at the University of Kassel, a process has been developed that subjects adhesive joints to artificial ageing for 120 days by applying extreme climate conditions. After this period, the bonds have to fulfil certain minimum strength requirements.

120 days of artificial ageing correspond to a period of 17 years under normal climate cpnditions. pro clima believes that thermal insulation and airtightness should last even longer than this, and has extended the test period: “We can now demonstrate at least 100 years of performance”, says Michael Förster, the head of Application Technology at pro clima.

Further information is available here: 100 years of adhesion

ORCON F is very popular with installation technicians because with this product a pressure lath is generally not required on stable subsurfaces, and this adhesive is also very flexible and permanently elastic. ORCON F can also be applied at temperatures below freezing and can be stored during frosty conditions without any problems.

An additional advantage: this adhesive achieves the highest efficiency class phA of the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt.

Full information is available here: Passive house

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