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Matrix - Design details

  • Guidelines for securely sealing the building envelope
  • Design details with detailed descriptions of proper installation

Background information

De­tailed in­form­a­tion on the phys­ics of thermal in­su­la­tion is giv­en in the study “Cal­cu­lat­ing po­ten­tial free­dom from struc­tur­al dam­age of thermal in­su­la­tion struc­ture in tim­ber-built sys­tems”.

System warranty

Opt for the 10-year
sys­tem war­ranty by pro clima!

100 years of adhesion - confirmed by tests

Permanent airtightness with
pro clima confirmed for

  • TESCON No.1

Photographic images

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  • The images can only be used in association with text that deals with pro clima products or subjects such as airtightness/wind sealing
  • Changes, photo excerpts or other reductions may not be carried out
  • Compression for the purposes of optimizing transfer times is allowed
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