The pro clima database of CAD detail features provides you with a range of suggested solutions for planning and implementing your construction projects. Drawings showing how to achieve airtightness and windtightness at detail features are available here to be downloaded for free in the form of DWG files, DXF files or PDF files. The drawings are grouped by construction type (timber frame and solid timber construction) and by the type of details – for example: base joints, component transitions, pitched roofs, flat roofs, windows and penetrations. A number of variants are available for many of the construction situations.

These drawings have been translated into English from German, but still feature our product recommendations for the German market. Not all of these products are available in all markets; please consult your local distributor for alternative products. Please take into account the Notes on the use of pro clima CAD drawings. By downloading any of the files here, you automatically consent to the contents of these Notes.