Historical building renovated and converted in Göppingen, Germany

Formerly an apartment building, now an office building and lawyer’s office – the careful preservation of the historical building fabric was a high priority for the architects in the course of this refurbishment and repurposing project in the town of Göppingen, which is around 40 km east of Stuttgart in southern Germany. For this undertaking, the project planners and client worked together with the Holzbau Göser timber construction contractor from nearby Rechberghausen. All the participating parties placed particular emphasis on excellent airtightness and reliable, well-finished transitions and joints. Joints are often particularly challenging areas on existing buildings. The sprayable AEROSANA VISCONN airtightness sealant proved particularly versatile and labour-saving in this regard: it was used to pre-treat subsurfaces and also for difficult, poorly accessible joints.

  • Renovation/conversion: 2020
  • Location: Göppingen, Germany
  • Construction contractor: Holzbau Göser, Rechberghausen, Germany

Impressions of the construction work

Sealing of the eave joint proved to be a very challenging issue. A detailed solution with membranes and adhesive tapes would have been particularly complicated and time-consuming. The use of AEROSANA VISCONN, which can be either sprayed on or applied with a brush, saved a lot of time and effort.

The quick-to-apply, sprayable AEROSANA VISCONN liquid sealant is especially suited for transitions with different materials, difficult substrates and for awkward structural geometries and inaccessible locations. As a result, it is a popular product for renovation projects.

The following pro clima products were used in this project: