With this project, the designer and contractor Ora Homes delivered a contemporary home that focussed on sustainability in all aspects of its construction and over its entire service life too. This new build in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island is a Passive House PLUS project which delivers a comfortable indoor climate coupled with low energy consumption. The house meets all its household water needs from rainwater collection, and it also generates more energy than it uses! Wood recycled from old railway timbers was used extensively.

  • Year of construction: 2020
  • Certification: Passive House PLUS
  • Architects and construction contractor: Ora Homes

Impressions of the construction work

To meet the demanding airtight requirements of a passive house, the high-performance INTELLO X vapour retarder for external insulation was installed on the decking and the exterior walls.

The building also required protection against the harsh climatic conditions in Nanaimo on the outside in the form of a particularly durable external sealing membrane – SOLITEX MENTO PLUS was used to wrap the wall insulation.

More information about this project can be found at passivehousecanada.com

The following pro clima products were used in this project: