Rolls of joint adhesive for interior and exterior use



  • Application temperature above -15 °C (5 °F)
  • Quick, clean and secure application straight from a roll
  • No drying time necessary, extreme adhesive strength immediately, joint is immediately airtight
  • No pressure lath required on subsurfaces with sufficient load-bearing capacity
  • Waterproof SOLID adhesive with no plasticisers, solvents, emulgators or preservatives
  • Excellent values in the hazardous substance test, has been tested according to the ISO 16000 evaluation scheme


Solvent-free, permanent, elastic, frost-resistant airtight adhesive that is applied from a roll, for bonding all types of vapour retarders and vapour barriers – e.g. pro clima INTELLO, DB+, INTESANA, DASATOP and DA, as well as PE, PA, PP or aluminium sheeting – on mineral or rough adjacent components such as masonry, plasterwork, concrete or roughly sawn wood.

Sticking of windtight joints on commercially available underlay and sarking membranes (e.g. those made of PE and PET). Joint adhesion in combination with the pro clima SOLITEX MENTO family of products and SOLITEX UM fulfils the requirements of the ZVDH product data sheets.

Windtight sticking of wall-lining membranes of all types (e.g. pro clima SOLITEX FRONTA family).

System warranty

We do not leave you on your own. Read here about how extensive the pro clima system warranty is in the worst-case scenario