Solvent-free primer for interior and exterior use



  • Secure bonds: penetrates deep and strengthens dusty subsurfaces or subsurfaces with insufficient stability
  • Saves time: no drying time is necessary on absorbent subsurfaces
  • More flexible work: use on dry and slightly moist subsurfaces
  • Can be applied and spread with just one hand using the application bottle
  • Can be used at any time of the year: can also be applied during frosty conditions
  • Excellent values in hazardous substance testing, has been tested according to the ISO 16000 evaluation scheme, solvent-free

Areas of application

For preparation and improvement of subsurfaces for subsequent adhesion with pro clima adhesive tapes such as TESCON VANA, TESCON PROFECT and adhesive tapes in the EXTOSEAL series. Suitable for wood, wood-fibre boards, masonry, roofs, walls and ground slabs.

Consumption figures
Delivery form Content Application width Coverage
Tin 0.75 l 60 mm ~ 60 m; 65 yd
75 mm ~ 45 m; 49 yd
150 mm ~ 22 m; 24 yd
Tin 2.5 l 60 mm ~ 185 m; 200 yd
75 mm ~ 150 m; 164 yd
150 mm ~ 75 m; 82 yd
Dispenser bottle 1 l 60 mm ~ 75 m; 82 yd
75 mm ~ 60 m; 65 yd
150 mm ~ 30 m; 33 yd

The quantity used may vary depending on the substrate and application method.