Waterproof sealing tape, for interior and exterior use


  • Excellent protection for building components thanks to strong sealing effect
  • Reliable application: extremely high adhesive strength even to slightly damp and cold subsurfaces
  • Easy to work with: very elastic - can adapt flexibly to subsurfaces and corners
  • Proven resistance to driving rain up to 2400 Pa
  • Independently confirmed suitability: tests in accordance with MO-01/1 passed at IFT in Rosenheim (DE)
  • Subsequent work can be started quickly: sticks to stable mineral subsurfaces without primers
  • Excellent values in hazardous substance testing, has been tested according to the ISO 16000 evaluation scheme

Areas of application

For creating sub-sill flashing, for sealing window joints with masonry or concrete structures, for sealing wood-based panels to smooth mineral surfaces, for taping underlay panels made of wood fibre to one another (e.g. in roof valleys and transitions), and for sealing these to adjoining structural elements.

Splits on release film
(Note: mm values and inch conversions are approximate)

Tape width Split (approx.)
100 mm (4") 25 | 75 mm (1" | 3")
150 mm (5 7/8") 25 | 65 | 60 mm (1" | 2 9/16" | 2 3/8")
200 mm (7 7/8") 25 | 115 | 60 mm (1" | 4 1/2" | 2 3/8")
300 mm (11 3/4") 25 | 155 | 120 mm (1" | 6 1/8" | 4 3/4")

Installation instructions


Clean subsurfaces before sticking. Adhesion is not possible on frozen surfaces. There must be no water-surfaces substances (e.g. grease or silicone) on surfaces where adhesives are to be applied. Subsurfaces must be sufficiently dry and stable.

Permanent adhesion is achieved on all pro clima interior and exterior membranes, on other vapour check and airtight membranes (e.g. those made of PE, PA, PP and aluminium) and on other underlay and breather (WRB) membranes (e.g. those made of PP and PET). Adhesive bonds are possible with planed and painted wood, hard plastics and metal (e.g. pipes, windows etc.), hard wood-based panels (chipboard, OSB, plywood, MDF and wood-fibre underlay panels) and mineral subsurfaces such as concrete, unplastered masonry or plaster.

Pre-treatment with TESCON PRIMER is required in the case of adhesion to wood-fibre underlay panels. Concrete or plaster subsurfaces must not be sandy or crumbling. Pre-treatment with TESCON PRIMER is recommended in the case of subsurfaces that have insufficient stability.

The best results in terms of reliability are achieved on high-quality subsurfaces. It is your responsibility to check the suitability of the subsurface; adhesion tests are recommended in certain cases.

General conditions

Adhesive bonds must not be subjected to tensile forces. Rub the adhesive tapes firmly to secure the adhesive bonds. Ensure that there is sufficient resistance pressure. Windproof, airtight or rainproof sealing can only be achieved on vapour check or underlay/facade membranes that have been installed without folds or creases. The tape is self-sealing under the effect of heat.