Vapour check membrane for external insulation and roof refurbishment, with self-adhesive strips

Variant without self-adhesive zones


  • Protects building structures against weathering during the construction phase for roof pitches of 10° (2.1:12) and higher
  • Water-resistant and waterproof, can be walked on
  • Acts as a vapour check and airtightness layer simultaneously
  • Excellent values in hazardous substance testing, has been tested according to the ISO 16000 evaluation scheme
  • Quick and reliable adhesion thanks to the integrated ‘connect’ self-adhesive strips on the long edges of the membrane

Areas of application

For use as a vapour check (alternate terms: vapour control or retarder) membrane and airtight membrane directly on top of sheathing underneath suitable external roof insulation made of all insulation materials on structures that are open to diffusion on the exterior (roofing underlay with SOLITEX MENTO 3000, for example).

In addition, DA connect can be used as an airtight membrane and refurbishment vapour check between two layers of insulation. All fibrous insulation materials can be used for insulation installed between rafters; the external roof insulation must be a foam insulation material (e.g. consisting of PUR, PIR or EPS). Please contact Technical Support at pro clima in Germany for assistance with calculating the thickness of the external foam insulation that is required from a building physics viewpoint. If necessary, the outer sealing layer should be implemented using a diffusion-open roofing underlay membrane (e.g. SOLITEX MENTO 3000).

Technical specs

Protective and covering fleece Polypropylene
Membrane Polypropylene
Self-adhesive strips Water-resistant SOLID adhesive
Property Value Regulation
Colour Green
Surface weight 130 g/m² ; 0.43 oz/ft² EN 1849-2
Thickness 0.45 mm ; 18 mils EN 1849-2
Water vapour resistance factor µ 5 000 EN 1931
sd value 2.30 m EN 1931
g value 11.5 MN·s/g
Vapour permeance 1.4 perms ASTM E 96
Fire rating E EN 13501-1
Outdoor exposure 3 months
Outdoor exposure for refurbishment betw. 2 insulation layers 14 days ; 7 days at ≤10 °C (≤50 °F)
Watertight joints with ‘connect’ adhesive strips or TESCON VANA tape W1 EN 13859-1
Watertightness to liquid water W1 EN 1928
Water column > 2 500 mm ; > 8' 2" EN ISO 811
Airtightness Tested EN 12114
Tensile strength MD/CD 230 N/5 cm / 200 N/5 cm ; 26 lb/in / 23 lb/in EN 12311-2
Elongation MD/CD 90% / 90% EN 12311-2
Nail tear resistance MD/CD 120 N / 115 N ; 27 lbf / 26 lbf EN 12310-1
Durability after artificial ageing Passed EN 1296 / EN 1931
Temperature resistance Permanent -40 °C to 100 °C ; -40 °F to 212 °F
Thermal conductivity 0.04 W/(m·K) ; 0.3 BTU·in/(h·ft²·°F)
CE labelling Yes EN 13984