Black multi-purpose adhesive tape



  • All-round adhesive tape for internal and external use, 6 months of outdoor exposure
  • Easy to tear off by hand with a soft fleece backing
  • Suitable for sealing to penetrations
  • Can be plastered over
  • Also used for windtight adhesion of wall lining membranes behind suspended façades
  • Waterproof adhesive


Exterior use: Creation of a windproof seal for wall lining membranes using pro clima SOLITEX FRONTA PENTA, -QUATTRO and -WA and for underlay and sarking membranes. Windproof bonding of wood-based panels for underlays. Airtight bonding of on-roof and refurbishment vapour retarders and airtight membranes.

Interior use: Airtight bonding of vapour retarders and airtight membranes and of airtight wood-based panels.

All bonding can be carried out between these products as well as to smooth adjacent non-mineral components (z. B. pipe feed-throughs, skylights) for both interior and exterior use.

Technical specs

Backing special PP fleece
Adhesive waterproof SOLID adhesive
Release film siliconized paper
Attribute Value Norm
Colour black
Exposure time 6 months
Bonding requirement, non-aged/aged passed DIN 4108-11
Can be plastered over yes
Application temperature above -10 °C ; 14 °F
Temperature resistance permanent -40 °C to 90 °C ; -40 °F to 194 °F
Storage cool and dry

System warranty

We do not leave you on your own. Read here about how extensive the pro clima system warranty is in the worst-case scenario