Diffusion-open, weldable roofing underlay membrane


  • Reliable seam tightness: homogeneously weldable
  • High degree of occupational safety: non-slip and abrasion-resistant surface
  • Protects structural elements against dampness: diffusion-open, rainproof against driving rain, and hail-resistant
  • Easy to work with: robust with extremely high tear-resistance
  • Suitable as a roofing underlay to meet the most stringent requirements
  • Also keeps structural elements dry during the construction phase: excellent protection against driving rain thanks to monolithic membrane

Areas of application

For use as a 3-ply diffusion-open, homogeneously weldable, rainproof/watertight roofing underlay membrane. Suitable for installation on pressure-resistant subsurfaces, e.g. wooden decking, wood-based panels and wood-fibre underlay panels.