Full-surface adhesive plaster and window sealing tape for exterior use with an additional adhesive zone



  • Saves time: the joint is immediately resistant to driving rain, and it can be subjected to loading
  • Simple joints thanks to the additional adhesive zone
  • Can be plastered over
  • Reliable joints: waterproof SOLID adhesive has extremely strong adhesion on mineral subsurfaces too


The CONTEGA SOLIDO EXO-D joint adhesive tape, which is full-surface adhesive and can be plastered over, ensures windtight and diffusion-permeable exterior sealing of windows and doors to adjacent building components made of wood and mineral subsurfaces such as concrete and masonry.
The integrated adhesive zone on the fleece side allows for easy adhesion to windows and doors.
The stuck joint is immediately windproof and can be subjected to loading. The fleece can simply be plastered over in accordance with our application guide.