Highly per­meable roof lin­ing and sark­ing mem­branes that act­ively man­age mois­ture for in­stalling on lin­ings, MDF and fibre­board roof lin­ing pan­els and on all kinds of in­su­lat­ing ma­ter­i­als. Suit­able for use as a tem­por­ary cov­er.


Approval and composition

The protective and covering fleece of SOLITEX MENTO® family consists of polypropylene microfibre, the membrane consists of monolithic TEEE.

The membranes have been tested according to EN 13859-1 and bear the CE mark.


Solitex Mento Einsatzbereich

Area of application

SOLITEX MENTO roof lining and sarking membranes can be used in these structures



Solitex Mento Verarbeitung

Application Guide

For SOLITEX MENTO to work effectively it needs to be correctly installed. Find out what you need to consider during the installation process here



Solitex Mento Systemprodukte

System products

The components in the SOLITEX MENTO system are optimally coordinated and provide everything you need for reliable windproofing




Planning notes

To achieve the best possible results for the roof lining or sarking with SOLITEX MENTO, please consider the following points



Solitex Mento Funktionsweise

How it works

SOLITEX MENTO membranes are equipped with moisture-managing TEEE functional membranes. Find out how this produces significantly higher levels of structural protection here



Systemgewährleistung EN

System warranty

We do not leave you on your own. Read here about how extensive the pro clima system warranty is in the worst-case scenario