The sprayable airtightness sealant

Quick and easy

  • Simply spray it on: extremely quick application
  • Particularly on transitions and detail features with lots of edges and corners
  • Reliable in the case of relative motion between building components: remains permanently elastic
  • Sticks to all standard construction surfaces, can also be used as a bonding course
  • Can be plastered, painted and stuck over
  • Covers cracks and joints
  • No mixing necessary: ready-to-use, apply straight from the tin


Many areas of application

Extremely quick for surface areas,
e.g. on raw masonry or porous board materials

… also for joints between components on masonry and timber structures.

For transitions between different materials, corners and edges
=> spray on and everything is sealed!

At locations that are difficult to access and have poor adhesion for adhesive tapes.

Joints and cracks
of up to 20 mm width can be painted over with AEROSANA VISCONN FIBRE.

In the case of larger joints or holes, e.g. at pipe feed-throughs and ties: apply AEROSANA FLEECE and paint over it.

Can also be used as a primer
This humidity-variable, sprayable sealant can be used on either the inside or outside of building components.