Medium-weight, full-surface adhesive, diffusion-open airtightness and weathering-protection membrane


  • Protects the structure: diffusion-open and maximum protection against driving rain and hail
  • Up to 4 weeks of outdoor exposure when protecting floors during construction
  • Flexible planning of construction schedules: outdoor exposure for pitched roofs with a roof pitch of greater than 14° (3:12): 4 months, walls: 5 months
  • Keeps building components dry by means of a pore-free moisture-active functional membrane
  • Easy and reliable installation thanks to its split release film – sticks immediately to subsurfaces that have sufficient stability
  • Reliable sticking of membrane overlaps thanks to water-resistant SOLID adhesive
  • Permanent protection thanks to the high resistance to ageing and heat of the TEEE membrane

Areas of application

Temporary protection for floors during construction

Thanks to its full-surface adhesion, this membrane provides temporary protection for intermediate floors/ceilings on multi-storey CLT (cross-laminated timber) or wooden-frame buildings during the construction period.

Pitched roofs and walls

Allows airtightness to be achieved on wood-based products and mineral subsurfaces – e.g. on the exterior side of unplastered (fair-faced) masonry or concrete components with joints. For roofs, it also fulfils the requirements of the Central Association of the German Roofing Trade (ZVDH) for a roofing underlay and for temporary coverings for the specified time period.

Split of the release film

Membrane width Split (approx.)
0.5 m (19 3/4”) No split
1 m (39 1/2") 0.25 | 0.75 m (10" | 29 1/2")
1.5 m (59") 0.25 | 1.25 m (10" | 49")


Declaration of performance Art. no. GTIN Length Width Contents
 DoP 1AR01513 4026639215130 30 m 1.5 m 45 m²
 DoP 1AR04027 4026639240279 30 m 0.5 m 15 m²
 DoP 1AR04029 4026639240293 30 m 1 m 30 m²
1: Profi-VE nicht im Anbruch lieferbar

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