Operating principle

Maximal protection against structural damage and mould

INTELLO work on the principle of climate-controlled membranes: the fleece membranes provide a seal against moisture in winter, whereas the molecular structure becomes more open in summer and facilitates drying out in a reliable manner.

Maximale Sicherheit vor Bauschäden und Schimmel

Intelligence irrespective of time or season

The variability of the diffusion resistance of the high-performance INTELLO systems guarantees impressive protection against structural damage, even on demanding structures that are impermeable to diffusion to the outside such as steep roofs with sheet metal covering, roof linings with asphalt roof membranes, flat roofs and green roofs. This also holds for locations with very cold climates.

Seasonal intelligence

In winter, INTELLO reduce or stop the penetration of moisture into roofs and walls with their sd-value of over 25 m (or g-value > 125 MN·s/g) (moisture transport of less than 7 g/m² per week).
In summer, the vapour retarders allow water vapour to escape. The sd-value of 0.25 m (or g-value of 1.25 MN·s/g) corresponds to moisture transport of over 500 g/m² per week – which represents an exceptional drying-out capacity!

Low moisture transport in winter – high degree of drying in summer: unforeseen moisture can dry out of the insulation over and over again, meaning that mould has no chance to form!

This intelligent diffusion adaptation behaviour is designed to be particularly powerful and adheres to pro clima’s reliability philosophy: to achieve the best possible protection against structural damage, the drying reserve must be greater than the largest theoretically possible moisture loading!